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Original paper blossoms are handcrafted for every reason and season.  At Notes in Bloom we have trademarked our "Signature Greeting Blossom" as the original concept of printing personalized greetings on our paper blossoms.  Because our beautiful blooms are constructed from paper products, they are everlasting, allergen free, reusable and always in season.  Please call  (303) 910-0027 or email:  for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. Let us help you bring your creativity and ideas into bloom!  

Signature Greeting Blossoms 
Custom printed greetings are included on the backs of each of these handcrafted blossoms.  

Greeting Blossom Arrangements: 
Combine our custom greeting blossoms and intricate paper florals in a whimsy arrangement, perfect for marking those personal moments

(Available in 2 sizes)

Individual Stems:
Customized in color and style, these fun blooms can also be printed with personalized messaging.           


Giant Daisies:
Customized in color and optional printed messaging, these blooms are just spectacular! 

Custom designed corsages, boutonnieres & hair accessories are perfect for any special occasion.


Home/Business Decor:
Customized in color and design, these everlasting and artistic arrangements will transform your environment!


Custom colors, designs and printing for bridal bouquets, centerpieces and favors.  

Phone: (303) 910-0027